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Lucie Morton
co-director of the movie

Charlottesville  - Virginia USA

Lucie Morton is an independent viticulturist based in Virginia. She is an internationally recognized author, ampelographer, lecturer, and consultant. Her higher education in viticulture occurred in Europe, while her practical education began as vineyard manager on the family farm along the banks of the Potomac River.

Clos Montmartre

Stéphan Balay
co-director of the movie

Paris - France

Following a guiding principle, "resist", Stéphan Balay highlights commitment, difference and diversity. 

Stéphan studied cinema from high school then at university while volunteering on local television.

After 2 years of National Civil Service from 1994 to 1996, within the local TV Télé Millevaches, Stéphan joined in 1998 a major Strasbourg production company, Via Storia Production, as assistant director on institutional films and commercials for companies.

His versatility also led him as an video editor to the local office of the television news at France 2, as well as the service of foreign television channels at the European Parliament and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg during the parliamentary sessions.

Stephan Balay

In 2001, Stéphan joined the team of the regional daily tv magazine "Le 12/14" of France 3 Alsace (Strasbourg) and made reports for 7 years. He has also participated in other shows as a columnist.

In 2005 and 2006 he directed two documentaries, "Petit à Petit" ("Step by Step") produced by France Télévisions, and "L'eau, le Sel, la Vie, voyage de solidarité au Niger" ("Water, Salt, Life, solidarity trip to Niger") produced by L'Ami du Vent.

In 2013 he began to shoot the feature film documentary "Following ALbert"

In 2016 Stéphan co-directed the feature film documentary "Comme des funambules”  ("Tightrope Walkers")

In 2018 he directed the feature film documentary Vitis prohibita, resistant grapes coming out of the shadows (French national release in theater in November 2019), and won prices in international festivals.

He begins filming "Odyssey of Forbidden Wines" in 2019, with the American ampelographer Lucie Morton.  

In 2023 he completed the documentary "Following Albert".

Petit à Petit - Stéphan Balay
L'eau, le sel, la vie - Stéphan Balay
Comme des Funambules - Alain Albaric & Stéphan Balay
Vitis Prohibita - Poster - Stéphan Balay
Following Albert - Stéphan Balay

The producers

Grape Sleuth


LLC founded by Lucie Morton


text coming soon

Grape Sleuth

Lumière du Jour

Lumière du Jour (Daylight) is an audiovisual production association based in the South of France. It accompanies documentary projects which approach the questions connected to the human being and to the society). 

Lumière du Jour

​Among the projets :

    documentary by Stéphan Balay, 2023, 100 minutes, VOD. 
    subtitles : English, German (coming soon)

  • VITIS PROHIBITA. Resistant grapes coming out of the shadows
    documentary by Stéphan Balay, 2019, 91 minutes, screenings in theaters, DVD and VOD.
    subtitles : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian.

  • HOANG SA VIETNAM : The Pain of Loss, The Knights of the Yellow Sands
    special edition DVD with two documentaries by André Menras (2010 and 2017).
    subtitles : English, Chinese, Czech.

  • COMME DES FUNAMBULES (walking the tightrope)
    documentary by Alain Albaric and Stéphan Balay, 2016, 110 minutes
    screening in theaters, DVD and VOD.
    subtitles : English

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